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Why Getting Tattoos Does not Need to Limit Your Work Search. Locating a job can be challenging for anybody, but getting tattoos and piercings makes it even harder. Find out about freely tattoo designs-friendly employers here.

Here is a very preliminary listing of places which have been reputed to permit inked and/or pierced employees. Hopefully this list grows as time passes. It’s also worth noting it’s always entirely possible that the policies aren’t the same as one region to another. Their list is simply to obtain began it it’s still under your control to discover precisely what the local branch enables.

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Pride vs. Practicality – Unfortunately, people with visible body artwho seek work often find their applications and resumes at the bottom of an employer’s pile. It’s still considered an undesirable trait in most industries and professions, and prejudicial stereotyping abounds. If you have tattoos, piercings, or any other visible modifications, you’ve got an automatic strike against you when it comes to impressing a potential future employer, even if you ace your interview. As much as it pains me to say this, we have reached the point of the proverbial “desperate times” that call for “desperate measures. ” This article isdesigned to help you seek and find a job, but we’ll warn you right now that you’re not going to like some of it.

Tattoos at work: Are they still an issue?

Employers have become more relaxed about visible tattoos at work, but some firms still don’t allow them.

More on this story – By Daniel ThomasBusiness reporter, BBC NewsImage source, Debbie Darling Image caption, Debbie Darling says her tattoos have not held her back in her marketing careerHaving a visible tattoo at work has long been frowned upon in certain professions, such as law, healthcare and finance. But Debbie Darling, who runs her own marketing and PR agency, says her body art has been nothing but a bonus in her career. She has 15 tattoos, including half sleeves on her arms, tattoos on her lower arms and one on the edge of her hand. “I work with the construction industry where people can be a bit sensible. But what I find is they are usually very impressed with the detail in my tattoos. The older guys who you might expect to be stuffy are as interested as the younger ones. “Image source, Debbie DarlingImage caption, Visible tattoos are becoming more tolerated at many firmsShe says her tattoos have become a talking point when she goes to networking events and it gets her remembered. “People ask ‘have you got any more, what inspired you to do it, what do they mean?

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Are Tattoos Still An Issue In The Workplace?

For years now, visible tattoos have generally been frowned upon in the workplace, but as more and more folks get inked, countless companies are loosening their once strict stance on tattoos in the workplace. Although some industries and professions continue to view body art as taboo and unacceptable at work, attitudes are shifting.

It is also essential to consider the specific content of a visible tattoo before getting inked. Even in industries where tattoos are more accepted and common among employees, vulgar, aggressive, overly offensive, gruesome, graphic, and sexually explicit imagery is almost always considered inappropriate and unprofessional in the workplace.

Career Factors to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

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Do Jobs Care About Tattoos?

We decided to explore do jobs care about tattoos, even years after inking your body has become more widely accepted compared to previous years and decades.

Facial tattoos can indeed be hidden with makeup, but applying tones of makeup is not worth it in the long run and gets expensive eventually. More formal job positions at the office, and public relations aren’t too friendly with the face tattoos, as that may affect how your colleagues perceive you and the work ethics at the company.

  • Tattoos Are Okay As Long As They’re Not Too Prominent
  • Avoid Face Tattoos
  • It Also Depends On The Country
  • Offensive And Racist Tattoos Are Not Okay

Visible Tattoo Restrictions

Healthcare – Although healthcare is being more accepting of visible tattoos, the main concern spans over the fact that healthcare workers are in direct contact with patients. They’re, however, more accepting with smaller tattoos, that aren’t on arms or face. This, however, doesn’t apply everywhere. Some healthcare institutions will overlook a nurse with sleeved tattoos, while someone else with a smaller and less visible tattoo may still face problems when trying to find a job.

Common Jobs That Don’t Allow Tattoos – Some careers and tattoos do not mix. While this may seem like an outdated outlook, it’s still very much in force today. Learn more about which jobs, here.

Receptionists are the face of a company and carry the image of an entire corporation. With this in mind, a front office administrator is expected to be poised, professional and attentive. A tattooed receptionist would create misconceptions about the organization at first glance, without saying much.

Jobs That Allow Tattoos: Where Can You Work and Show Off Your Ink? – It can be hard to find a job if you have visible tattoos. Luckily, some professions don’t mind visible ink. Let’s take a look at jobs where tattoos are acceptable!

In case you’re into sport, you may consider taking advantage of such a career since many sports activities do not mind tattoos. Athletes or sports enthusiasts take care of their bodies to the fullest, so there is no need to consider the tattoos as a sign of lack of care and self respects, as some people would describe.

  1. Sport Jobs
  2. Physical Jobs
  3. Artistic or Art-Related Jobs
  4. Medicine-Related Jobs
  5. Customer Service Jobs
  6. IT Jobs
  7. Other Jobs
  8. Why Do Tattoos Matter In Employment?
  9. Can Someone Really Not Hire You Because of Your Tattoos?
  10. Which Tattoos Are Not Acceptable In The Working Environment?
  11. Which High-Paying Jobs Accept Tattoos?

Visible tattoos in the workplace for 2022 and beyond – * I am a heavily tattooed individual myself and am a senior corporate level executive, just a disclaimer Wanted to gather a current opinion on…

Having the maturity and sensitivity to peoples impressions and opinions, I could be very well tempted to say that I don’t care what people think about my appearance, and could care less if they judged me based on my ink. Or at least have an impression that may not always be a good one.

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Best Jobs That Don’t Mind Visible Tattoos

Tired of hiring managers judging you because you have tattoos? Here are the top jobs if you have visible tattoos.

Do you have a musical talent? If you have tattoos and you’re thinking of working in the music industry, you’ll feel right at home. It’s quite rare to come across a musician or singer who doesn’t have a tattoo these days. Some well-known musical artists who rely heavily on ink to express themselves are pop star Justin Bieber, rapper Wiz Khalifa, and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

Fashion designer

If you have an opportunity to spend some time with a chef, chances are he or she will have a couple of tattoos. In fact, the prevalence of tattoos among chefs is so common that authors Wendy MacNaughton and Isaac Fitzgerald wrote a book about it called Knives and Ink: Chefs and the Stories Behind Their Tattoos. But not all establishments have been accepting of chefs with visible tattoos. The organization has since reversed its policy, but at one time Fairmont Hotels & Resorts had a policy of not hiring candidates with visible tattoos, regardless of the job position.

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What jobs can you get with hand tattoos? – What jobs can you get with hand tattoos? Best Jobs That Don’t Mind Visible TattoosChef. Median annual salary: $43,180. … Photographer. Quite a few photographers have visible tattoos. … CEO. CEOs come in all flavors these days. … Fashion designer. Tattoos and fashion go together quite well. … Barber/hairdresser/cosmetologist. … Freelance writer. … Personal trainer. … Electrician.

“Having a tattoo on your hands and fingers is painful for a number reasons; the skin is thin and therefore sensitive, they are bony and filled with ligaments, and, as the ink doesn’t stick to this area of skin very well, the tattoo artist may need to go over the design a few times,” says Fredrik.

Research reveals how your tattoos affect your chances of getting the job

We surveyed hiring managers on whether or not tattoos affect their hiring decisions. Their responses might surprise you.

“I look for signs of character. Unique hireability comes from finding the gem. Despite what so many people think, top talent rarely fits the cookie-cutter mold emerging from business schools. ” – From the single person who said they would be more likely to hire a candidate with tattoos.

We asked over 300 (327) employers how a candidate’s tattoos would affect their decision to hire or not hire that person. Fourteen percent said they would be less likely to hire someone with tattoos, 23% said it would not affect their decision, and the rest said it would depend on the number and location of the tattoos and/or the role being filled. The rest, that is, except for one lone individual who answered that they would actually be more likely to hire a person with tattoos.

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Are tattoos in the workplace still frowned upon?

Tattoos are becoming all too common. So, it’s worth asking whether the old attitude still holds true: are tattoos in the workplace accepted?

  • We’ve made some progress, but still have a way to go
  • The type of job makes a difference
  • Dress codes
  • There’s no predicting a hiring manager’s prejudices

When I was growing up, I rarely heard anything good about tattoos. Mostly, I’d just hear warnings. If anyone had visible tattoos, the adults around me would usually cluck their tongues and say “Good luck getting a job with those. ” Tattoos in the workplace just weren’t as common then. Unless you wanted to bar tend, fix motorcycles, or commit violent crimes for a living, you should avoid getting tattooed (or, at least, getting tattooed anywhere obvious). Now, tattoos are becoming extremely common – approximately one-third of young adults have at least one. So, it’s worth asking whether the old attitude still holds true: does getting a tattoo still kill your job prospects? Are tattoos in the workplace finally gaining acceptance? We’ve made some progress, but still have a way to goThe data on tattoo acceptance in the workplace doesn’t give us a clear-cut answer about whether tattoos are frowned upon or generally accepted. In a way, that’s a good sign, because it shows that we’ve made a lot of progress from the days when people with tattoos could only hope to work as truckers or bouncers.

Tattoos in the Workplace

Though many companies and corporations have begun to adopt looser policies as far as employees’ appearances go, some have not. If you have or want to get tattoos, you will want to make sure that your profession allows for them.

  1. Medical Jobs
  2. Tattooing and Cosmetic Jobs
  3. Acting and Entertainment Jobs
  4. Law Enforcement, Bodyguards and Security

Final Thoughts

Especially in recent years, tattoos have become commonplace for many as a form of self-expression. However, self-expression is not always a priority in the workplace. Though many companies and corporations have begun to adopt looser policies as far as employees’ appearances go, some have not. If you have or want to get tattoos, you will want to make sure that your profession allows for them.There are plenty of high paying jobs in industries that allow tattoos, such as:Beauty and fitnessEntertainmentMedicineSocial media and marketingTechnology and Computer ScienceVisual Development and designHowever, there may be other factors to consider before getting tattoos for certain career fields.This article will guide you through jobs that typically allow tattoos, jobs that may not, and what to consider before getting a tattoo while working a high-paying job. As you keep reading, you’ll also learn about why tattoos have become more acceptable in the workplace and whether or not your employer is allowed to force you to cover up your tattoos.

14 Tattoos in the Workplace Statistics for the Modern Age – The tattoos in the workplace statistics in this article show just how much stigma body mods and alternative art styles actually face in the 21st century.

In detail, 22% stated that they take tattooed people less seriously than non-tattooed people, 18. 6% said that their judgment depended upon the situation, and 9. 9% said that it all depends on the number of tattoos. And yet, roughly 40% of people between the age of 18 and 34 have a tattoo.

  • More than half of the general population considers that tattooed people lack seriousness.
  • Tattoo discrimination statistics reveal that tattooed women are more discriminated against than inked men.
  • Tattoos in the workplace statistics show that 63% of people over 60 don’t approve of tattoos in the office.
  • Professional athletes are at the top based on the approval rates in the tattoos and jobs statistics.
  • The type of profession dictates the tolerance for tattoos in the workplace, statistics show.
  • Tattoo discrimination statistics show that millennials are more comfortable with “inked” professionals than the public.
  • Tattoos in the workplace statistics reveal 70% of millennial parents approve of tattooed professionals in child care.
  • Statistics on tattoos in the workplace reveal that medical patients don’t mind the tattoos and piercings of their physicians.
  • Head, face, and neck tattoos are forbidden in all branches of the military.
  • Cabin crew job applicants with visible tattoos are discriminated against in almost 100% of airline companies.
  • 35% of companies have no problem with visible tattoos.
  • On top of that, 91% of senior managers who were surveyed stated that the dress code rules are significantly more casual now — 34% of them even accept vibrant hair colors.

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Do non visible tattoos affect jobs?

French of the University of Miami and colleagues surveyed more than 2,000 people in the United States and found that those with tattoos were no less likely to be employed than their uninked counterparts, and that average earnings were the same for both groups. ... The conclusion: A tattoo won't hurt your job prospects.

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Are jobs allowed to discriminate against tattoos?

There are no current laws that prohibit employers from discriminating against people with visible tattoos.

Can employers require employees to cover tattoos?

While more workplaces are accepting of tattoos, employers still have the right to establish personal appearance policies. ... No law prohibits an employer from having such a policy as long as the policy does not discriminate against an employee and allows for religious accommodations.

Can FBI agents have tattoos?

You've trained regularly to maintain your excellent physical condition, and you've got the required education. ... The FBI does have strict rules on physical appearance, especially during training, but they don't specifically ban all tattoos.


clinical forensic nurse Professional nurse who specializes in management of crime victims from trauma to trial through collection of evidence, assessment of victims, or making judgments related to client treatment associated with courtrelated issues.

What are the professions that do not allow uncovered tattoos? | Bd Jobs Today (1)
from Nursing Now: Today’s Issues, Tomorrows Trends
by Joseph T Catalano
F.A. Davis Company, 2019

Doctors, dentists, nurses, solicitors, barristers, psychologists, architects and accountants are but a few of the professional groups that regulate themselves through what are known as RPBs, or recognised professional bodies (a sub-category of SROs).

What are the professions that do not allow uncovered tattoos? | Bd Jobs Today (2)
from Rethinking Corporate Crime
by James Gobert, Maurice Punch
Butterworths, 2003

Actually, medical examiners might be listed as an endangered profession, because few physicians join their ranks: there are more than , jurisdictions in the United States, but since  only , forensic pathologists have been board certified.

What are the professions that do not allow uncovered tattoos? | Bd Jobs Today (3)
from Postmortem: How Medical Examiners Explain Suspicious Deaths
by Stefan Timmermans
University of Chicago Press, 2007

Thus the forensic dentist or forensic odontologist has a role in reconstructive postmortem dental profiling for purposes of identification of accident victims and in investigative criminology.

What are the professions that do not allow uncovered tattoos? | Bd Jobs Today (4)
from Pediatric Dentistry
by M.S. Muthu, Shiva Kumar
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

AORN has, since the beginning of the specialty profession, mandated safety as the ultimate goal for practice in this arena.

What are the professions that do not allow uncovered tattoos? | Bd Jobs Today (5)
from Current Issues In Nursing
by Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014

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